Sc627 0017

Phyllis is a hot teenage blonde avatar created by Stan Smith to bond with his son Steve in "Virtual In-Stanity". After Steve gives him the brush off from an invitation to a baseball game, Stan starts worrying that he may miss out on a chance to bond with Steve. Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond by creating a busty blonde bombshell avatar, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve’s way. After a date at a baseball game, Steve tries for tongue in a goodnight kiss but Stan just rubs his head. Thinking that Phyllis only wants to be friends, Steve is hesitant to pursue the relationship and is attracted to Chelsea who shows an interest in him. When Stan finds out that his plan isn't working and Steve is going to ask Chelsea to the Homecoming Dance, he makes a desperate offer through Phyllis to have sex with Steve who gladly accepts. Despite some reservations about having sex with Steve, Stan is determined to go though with the act. But when Francine discovers what he is up to, Francine attempts to intervene with Stan to stop him. Unable to get though the avatar chamber, Francine takes a power lift mecha to keep Steve’s virginity out of “blonde’s” way. Tackling Phyllis while Steve is in the bathroom trying to ready himself, Francine convinces Stan that he should just accept his life with Steve the way it is. Stan has Phyllis break up with Steve. When Steve attempts to hook up with Chelsea again, he finds she is no longer interested in him.

Phyllis is voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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