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  • Stan said that Hayley tried to save Veronica Mars.
  • Roger said he tried to save The Ghost Whisperer.
  • Many of the telethon's audience members are background characters of past episodes. For example, Judy Panawitz from "The One That Got Away".
  • Greg and Terry reenact the volleyball scene from their favorite film, Top Gun.
  • Roger claims to have been Jerry Lewis' tailor and gave him the idea for the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon. The only person who believed the idea was stolen was Dean Martin.
  • Despite having been killed previously in "Failure is not a Factory-Installed Option", Jim of The Golden Turd saga has an audience cameo.
  • Similarly, Henry Fischer appears in the audience despite appearing he was headed for jail after "Joint Custody".
  • Sanders discusses slathering someone in oil in a phone call. Klaus later discusses the same subject on his own phone.
  • Stan claims that they are in the studio used to fake the moon landings. When the boys bring him the Goldilocks joke and when Stan chases Roger, backgrounds of the moon can be seen.
  • When Roger falls from the catwalk, props of the moon, Osama bin Laden, a crate of "WMDs" and a rocket engine fall.

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