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Phantom of the Telethon
The CIA has a telethon.

Season: 4 Episode: 7
Total Episode Count: 65
Prod. no.: 3AJN22
First Aired: November 30, 2008

Featuring: Stan, Roger
Also Appearing: Klaus, Francine, Steve, Hayley, Avery Bullock, Jackson, Duper, Saunders, Dick Reynolds, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Father Donovan, Principal Lewis, Buckle, Sharri Rothberg, Sergei Petkov, Raina Markovitz, Sergei Kruglov, Common Garden Snake of Rumallah, Debbie, Greg Corbin, Terry Bates, Dill Sheppard, Bob Memari, Linda Memari, Mah Mah Ling, Bah Bah Ling, Betty Smith, Hercules, Clifford, Matty Moyer, Casey, Katie, Christie White, Chuck White, Doyle, Henry Fischer, Betty Sue, Rick & Candy, Travis Bowe, Brett, Midget Assassin, Barb Hanson, Captain Monty, Bruno, Gretchen Grossbard, Judy Panawitz, Jim, Mr. Aids, Boris the Russian Circus Bear, Jeff Fischer, Bad Larry, Hiko Yoshida, Andrew, Parker, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, Quackenbush, Kevin Bacon, Bill Pullman, Osama bin Laden
Musical Numbers: Irene Grossbard

Director: Brent Woods
Assistant Director: Chris Bennett
Writers: Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman
Storyboarders: Eric Fredrickson, Michaelangelo Rocco

Roger's Disguise: Mary Tyler Moore from "Irregarding Steve"

Plot: Live from the CIA, a telethon is being hosted, with Stan as the master of the ceremony and many other guests characters performing in it or as receivers. As he begins to opening crawl, the last lines of the teleprompter said he had both types of genitalia, pushing calls down a bit.


As everyone wonders who would want to sabotage the telethon, Stan flashbacks to two weeks earlier. The CIA had captured a new terrorist, the Common Garden Snake of Rumallah. Unfortunately, Bullock informs everyone that the bureaucrats on Capital Hill have devoted the money for torture to teaching inner city children to read and decide they need to fund the program themselves. Though Bullock suggests a keg party, Stan thinks at home but comes up with nothing. Roger suggests a telethon, which Stan thinks is stupid. But next day, Stan takes Roger's idea, despite his protests.


Roger becomes The Phantom, causing havoc such as sabotaging the teleprompter, cut Boris the Bear's brakes, dropped a boat on Jeff Fischer, put an adult film clip on a torture bloopers compilation, in order to force Stan to admit the truth to the family. When Hayley and Steve go looking for him, Roger kidnaps Steve and dress him up as Christine Daae and tries reenacting the play but Steve has no interest and leaves. Stan catches up to Roger and after the latter had a hurtful fall from the catwalks, they discover a bomb behind the counter, planted by the Snake, whom Roger had released. He had also rigged the doors and elevators so evacuation would be impossible. Though he states that he doesn't negotiate with terrorists, he does a skit that bashes Israel. But the Snake revealed he had no intention of disarming the bomb. Stan gets that lying is wrong and asks for Roger's help to save the day, promising to tell the family the truth. Roger attacks the Snake with his mini keyboard, right onto stage. This gives Stan an idea to announce about the bomb so that viewers will donate the money so the torture equipment won't be repossessed. Once the counter reaches $1,000,000, Stan tortures the Snake, hidden by a curtain but not hidden to the actors. He tells Roger the code, 1,2,3,4 #. Once the bomb is disarmed, Stan informs Roger that he never intended to tell the truth, so the alien bashes him with his keyboard.

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