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Roger: Ugh, stairs.

Stan: He needs to learn to do everything with his full ass.

[Stan makes Steve sweep up shards of glass in the kitchen wearing only his socks]
Steve: Oh, you're in for it tomorrow, mister. The regional manager's coming for our review, and I'm gonna be busting your ass all day.
Stan: I'll just call in sick.
Steve: I'll tell them you're faking, and you'll get fired. Then how will you support your woman? [He lifts a corner of Francine's dress] How will you keep her glowing in such finery?

Roger: Wait, my soul? My Kia Soul? How am I supposed to get to my shift at Dairy Queen? [He grabs his phone and dials] Stacy, it's Roger. Hey, can you cover my 3 to 7 tonight... oh, my soul! Never mind. Hey, are you going to Jake's party?

Steve: [fuming] I showed him how to stock the butter, and he did it wrong on purpose! He got me fired!
Francine: But he still has his job, right? I can keep my finery?

Stan: Dammit! They already deleted my password.
Steve: Your password was one letter?
Stan: Yes, like super easy to remember that way.

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