Pendlingtonton Academy is the all-girls boarding school that admits Steve and Roger immediately on their application due to a technicality in the school charter after the former runs away from home and Stan's attitude in "Top of the Steve".

The headmistress is not pleased by this arrangement as it was forced on her by the trustees, and she vows to kick Steve out of the school. She informs him that he needs to win the athletic decathlon or be expelled. But luckily the roommate Spitz, who is studying law, discovers an addendum to the rules that he only needs to win any event at the school and they enter a battle of the bands. With the situation spinning out of control, Roger suddenly realizes and tells Steve that they're in a spinoff.

Should Steve win the Battle of the Bands, they will be forced to leave American Dad! forever. They try their best to lose, but find the writers are against them by putting no other bands in the contest. Attempting to make a run for it, they avoid various tropes that could keep them in the story, but when they get trapped in an office, Roger gets an idea when he sees a Canadian flag outside and realizes they're in Vancouver filming on the cheap. He directs Steve to singing a few notes from a Beatles song in order to bust the show's budget, and they quickly find themselves back home and Spitz is given the show to herself.

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