Patrick Nagel is the artist who paints Steve's dream girl in 1981 in "Fartbreak Hotel".

Patrick Nagel was born in Ohio on November 25, 1945 and raised in Los Angeles. His work is known on the album cover of Duran Duran's sophomore record Rio in 1982. He died on February 4, 1984 from a heart attack. He was 38 years old.

When Steve becomes drawn to a portrait of a woman where the concierge explains that the portrait was painted in 1981. He is told that if he uses the power of his mind, he can will himself to travel in time back to meet his dream girl. He successfully travels though time and meets Patrick Nagel who painted the portrait but is drugged and stripped by Nagel while unconscious. When he awakens Nagel reveals that Steve himself is the girl in the painting and the shock returns him to his own time where the concierge reveals that he too had traveled through time to be painted as a girl as well.

In "Francine's Flashback", "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial", and in "Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas", parodies of Patrick Nagel paintings can be seen.

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