Paranoid Frandroid
Thanks to Stan, Francine becomes part of a conspiracy.

Season: 13 Episode: 02
Total Episode Count: 236
Prod. no.: CAJN01
First Aired: February 12, 2018

Featuring: Francine Smith
Also Appearing: Roger, Hayley, Stan, Klaus, Jeff, Steve, Snot, Mrs. Lonstein, Trish and Suze, Avery Bullock, Dick, Stiles, Hooper, Jackson, Linda Memari, Sergei Kruglov, Mel, Del, Beetman, Charles, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Jay Leno, Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth II, Pamela Anderson
Musical Numbers: In the End

Director: Pam Cooke, Valerie Fletcher

Writers: Joel Hurwitz
Storyboarders: Jamie Iglehart, Valentino So

Roger's Disguise: Scientist


Francine finds comfort in her show Morning Mimosa from the outside world until she finds Roger hosting a conspiracy convention in the attic. When Stan forgets his lunch before leaving for work, she follows him and finds out that he purchased the show and has been secretly running it to shelter her. She soon begins to spout conspiracies of her own imagination, but when Stan shares them with Bullock at work, one of them involving using cell phones in bathrooms turns out to be real and Bullock orders an assassination on Francine.


Stan's co-workers try to distract him at Dave & Busters while the hit is to take place, but they slip up and he finds out about it. He rushes home where she has already fled to the deep woods. Stan takes Roger along to help find her, but the CIA also finds her location as well. They trick Stan into stepping aside and blow up her RV, as Roger runs out in disguise as Francine and pretends to fall dead. At her funeral, none of the agents recognize that Stan's new girlfriend is really Francine.


Meanwhile, Snot's mother's new boyfriend Del has the pair move in with him and Steve and Klaus are excited to help him turn his new basement bedroom into a bachelor pad. Snot gets into the swing of things but he and Steve strike out in inviting ladies over. However, Mrs. Lonstein falls for the lure of the basement and moves on Klaus, which results in Del kicking the pair out.

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