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Coco: I'm going to go soak it in your tub. [takes off her top]
Klaus: And just like that, I'm gay.

Bullock: Stan, this is Coco.
Coco: Got any cigarettes?
Stan: Uh, no.
Coco: Then go suck it.
Bullock: Isn't she great?!

Coco: I'm bored. Get me a movie.
Stan: Where am I gonna get a movie around here?
Coco: You're supposed to keep me happy. Or do I need to call Avery?
Stan: Fine.
Coco: Something with Matthew Perry.
Stan: Got it. Fools Rush In.
Coco: Something good!
Stan: Got it. Nothing.

Klaus: I wonder if I'm a top or a bottom? If I had to guess, I'd say bottom... a reluctant bottom.

Stan: [leaves AJ with Coco] I need you to watch this baby. And don't try to have sex with it, 'cause it doesn't have any money.

Miriam: I will name him Muhammad. What? It's a pretty name.

Bullock: Excuse me, are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see. [pulls out a $10 bill] Other than this one, which is yours to earn.

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