• This episode is a semi-sequel to "Four Little Words", which introduced Avery Jr.. Both episodes were written by David Zuckerman.
  • Roger is part of a "Glass Arachnid of the Month" club, and has a daddy longleg as his favorite.
  • A Furry convention is seen in this episode, as one of the many places where Stan accompanies Bullock to in order to discuss his ordeal; others include a goth nightclub and a frat house with a game of spin the bottle. Strangely enough, one of the attendees of the furry convention, revealed to be Dick at the end of the episode is dressed as a car, and molests other attendees under the pretense of making them "road kill".
  • When Stan and Francine are playing Scrabble in the cabin, Stan spells a nonsense word and Francine asks him why he would spell that word before letting him know that he has all the letters needed to spell the words LIAR, GO, TAKE, SMOKES, TO, SKANK, ACROSS, THE, and KALE.

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