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One Little Word
Stan can't say NO as he tried to become and stay Bullock's "Number One"

Season: 4 Episode: 3
Total Episode Count: 61
Prod. no.: 3AJN18
First Aired: October 19, 2008

Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Avery Bullock
Also Appearing: Roger, Steve, Hayley, Klaus, Dick, Jackson, Eric, Avery Jr., Miriam Bullock, Coco, Courtney Love, George W. Bush, Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, The Cowardly Lion
Director: Rodney Clouden
Assistant Director: Chris Robertson
Writers: David Zuckerman
Storyboarders: Eric Fredrickson, Michaelangelo Rocco

Roger's Disguise: Figure Skater from "Of Ice and Men"

Plot: Stan wishes to become Bullock's "Number One" and see the Executive Lounge. His opportunity arrives when Bullocks demotes his previous Number One, Jackson, for not agreeing to buy opera tickets. However, Bullock needs him on an extremely important mission and leaves his adopted son, Avery Junior (shortened to AJ), in the care of Francine. Stan soon learns that Bullock is looking for an overweight Asian woman that accepts his age. Unfortunately, any woman he finds runs at the sight of AJ. Even after a long time of searching (in a large variety of places), they are unsuccessful and Francine gets fed up caring for AJ, as Roger gets jealous of him and begins behaving like a four-year old (Four and a half, he says) and takes his anger out on Steve and the house.

Stan leads a team to retrieve Bullock's wife, Miriam, who was being held captive by terrorists in Fallujah and remained there as Bullock doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Unfortunately, when he brings her back, he informs Bullock that she's been brainwashed into thinking she's an anti-American terrorist and Bullock refuses to see her. Worse, she kidnaps AJ and claims she went to the Middle East, but is really up in the attic. Stan and Francine inform her that AJ is her adopted son, snapping her to normal. Unfortunately, just after Miriam returns to her Western beliefs, Bullock reveals had just got his new mistress Coco, an obese Asian woman, and doesn't want Miriam finding out. To remedy the problem, Bullock has Coco hide in the Smiths' home. Francine gets roped into the annoying ordeal and when her romantic Valentine's Day get-away is threatened, she lays down the law for Stan to say "No" to his boss.

Though Stan claims he refused Bullock, he secretly hides Coco in the cabin across Fraser lake from his, caving into her every demand without Francine's knowledge under the presence of collecting firewood. Meanwhile, Roger, having grown attached to AJ, kidnaps him and shows him his new crystal spider; unfortunately, when Roger shows AJ his favorite one, the infant breaks off a leg. Enraged, Roger attempts to plunge AJ into Fraser lake in a car, but Stan manages to stop him in time. To save the day (while revealing that, for once, he had quietly paid attention during the episode), Roger calls Bullock as AJ's kidnapper, directing him to Coco's cabin to where AJ is. However, Stan's preoccupiedness results in Francine feeling neglected. She follows Stan to Cabin 2, where they find Coco and AJ, just as the Bullocks arrive. Coco reveals to Miriam that she's Avery's mistress and, due to bordom, leaves. Miriam, angry at her husband's betrayal (and even more so after she learned that Coco arrived after she did), does a mock of his proposal by shooting him in the leg and takes AJ. When Bullock pleads to be taken to a hospital, Stan says no, over Francine's protesting and kisses her. Bullock replaces Stan with Dick as his new Number One, who had been across the lake, molesting an unconscious Roger in a car costume.

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