• Roger drives a PT Cruiser in this episode.
  • Stan is the second person in the show that briefly had the body of a elderly man. Steve has aged prematurely twice previously in "1600 Candles" and "Man in the Moonbounce".
  • The song that plays as Roger and Francine practice for the dance contest is "Invisible Touch" by Genesis.
  • In the head-on view, the top turret of the urban assault vehicle is a Dalek from Doctor Who.
  • While in the urban assault vehicle, Stan reads Hawaii by James Michener.
  • A general of a skateboard plugs "Code Red", a cherry-flavored Mountain Dew soda introduced in 2001. The bottle he holds simply reads "Soda Dew" instead of the actual logo.
  • Stan's hair greys and recedes as he slowly ages. However, it was revealed to be a hairpiece in "Chimdale".

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