• The title is a reference to the movie Office Space.
  • Roger's photographer identity, Parker Peters, is a reference to Peter Parker, another photographer who took pictures of himself as Spider-Man.
  • The names of places "Aruba, Jamaica, Key Largo, Montego and "a place called Kokomo"" that Roger mentioned that he has leads where the alien is are from the lyrics of the song Kokomo by The Beach Boys. Bullock finishes the joke by saying "Book a flight, get there fast and then take it slow"..
  • When Mama Ling explains to Hayley and Steve that Francine was beaten at Catholic school for being left-handed, we flashback to Francine as a child, being punished by a nun holding a fish; Mama mentions that she was usually beaten 'with a side of beef, but it was a Friday', referring to the Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays.
  • When Roger is undressing at Stan's demand he quotes the character Sean's dialog to Coco in the film Fame.
  • Stan's offhanded comment about excreting the alien is similar to Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, in which people who swallow alien spores incubate wormlike aliens that exit the body rather gruesomely through the rectum.
  • After Stan knocks out Deputy Director Bullock, the CIA agents and himself with the gas, Roger states that Stan "Superman II'd me." In Superman II, the villains were tricked into losing their powers in much the same way.
  • The Langley Falls Post insignia on top of the building is similar to the classic Daily Planet emblem seen in Superman lore.
  • Roger's chanting "Bloody Mary" into a mirror is a reference to an urban legend on summoning spirits.[1]

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