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  • This is the first American Dad! episode to abruptly end the opening credits. The opening title is started, but is interrupted with a record scratch when Stan picks up the newspaper and sees "ALIEN SPOTTED!" with Roger's picture on the front page, with which Stan confronts Roger, abandoning the rest of the opening.
  • Roger buys a cockatoo. Coincidentally, the Family Guy episode "Long John Peter" that aired that night also featured Peter Griffin getting a pet parrot. Both birds died later in the episode and were fairly quickly forgotten by their owners.
  • Anne Geddes took the CIA staff photo.
  • The song at the end where Roger is posing in PlayGirl magazine is Loverboy's "The Kid Is Hot Tonite".
  • The Playgirl cover in the closing credits includes nods to Deputy CIA Director Bullock, Father Donovan, George Clooney, Captain Monty, and Matty Moyer, the "Kids Beat" reporter from "Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold". However, Matty Moyer's episode first aired a week after this one.
  • Roger loves the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, except for Geoffrey Rush.
  • Francine prepares to serve the kids President Peanut brand peanut butter from "Black Mystery Month".
  • When Roger is working on the puzzle, he says that a piece is "Part of the Eye" as he places it far from the already completed eyes on the puzzle.
  • Though Roger usually calls his green body fluid xenoplasm, he calls it protoplasm in the bathroom in this episode.
  • Klaus identifies Roger's backstory as that of Fox Mulder from The X-Files. He also places the "I Want to Believe" poster in his office. At this time The X-Files: I Want to Believe was being promoted by FOX.

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