• The title of this episode is a reference to the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.
  • Clifford is a parody of Ed, the guardian of comedian Jack Benny's money vault. Ed had been reported at various times to have been on duty since the American Civil War and the American Revolution, Jack's 38th birthday; itself a running gag as Jack was perpetually 39, and the dawn of time itself.
  • Nancy Kerrigan's attack is referenced at the end of the episode, as Terry winces in pain outside the rink, his bloodied knee exposed through a tear on his pant leg, and an iron bar lying next to him.
  • Francine has a tricorder-like device, "Is it the Olympics or Not?" with sounds taken from the NES version of Tetris.
  • The "framing device" mentioned by Klaus is similar to the one used in The Princess Bride.
  • When Stan performs an incorrect salchow, Roger remarks, "It looks like you have mad salchow disease", a play on "mad cow disease".
  • When Roger tells Stan that he "was born ready", this is a reference to Smokey and the Bandit II. The same line was also used in Big Trouble in Little China.

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