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  • Roger invites Stan to watch a tape of figure-skating pair Anita Hartshorn and Frank Sweiding doing their Mustang Sally routine.
  • When Stan asks Roger where he learned how to skate, Roger replies that Stan would know if he read his MySpace page.
  • Francine discovers Stan figure-skating to the song "Gloria" by Laura Branigan.
  • In the ice-skating scene when Stan is trying to apologize to Francine, the music they are "dancing" to is "Mamma Mia", by Swedish disco/pop group ABBA.
  • One of the wigs that Roger wins at the competition is a replica of the hairstyle of Wilma Flintstone.
  • At one point, Stan mentions A Charlie Brown Christmas, originally thinking that Snoopy was reliving past nightmares by ice skating.
  • The snowflake at the beginning of the episode has an eight sided symmetry instead of the normal six in reality.[1]

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