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  • In the DVD commentary for "A Smith In The Hand", there was a mention of having an American Dad episode where Stan is attached to his mother in an almost sexual way with Francine being jealous. Both episodes were written by David Hemingson.
  • When Roger pushes the button to get Cousin Phil in his disguises, he passes Cousin Phil three times before he grabs the disguise.
  • Betty and Hercules mention the game show Deal or No Deal, saying a contestant ending up taking home a penny after declining an offer of $75,000.
  • When Stan's mother comes home, she says her boyfriend Jerry went to get pop corn and never came back. She then says she had to watch the whole movie by herself citing "Adam Sandler had a remote control, I didn't know what was happening." She was referring to the Sandler movie Click. During Stan's flashback, he pops out of a Click poster to snatch Jerry away; however, when this scene is shown, Betty is seen next to him.
  • Betty and Hercules take "Greek Air," a non-existent airline, from Langley Falls.
  • Roger at first suspects Betty of being a "black widow" since all of her previous boyfriends vanish before discovering that Stan is abducting them. He would later find out in "American Stepdad" that she really is a murderer.
  • It is revealed by the photos in the van that Stan has captured 33 previous boyfriends of Betty.

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