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Oedipal Panties
Stan's Mother is having guy issues.

Season: 3 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 53
Prod. no.: 3AJN09
First Aired: January 27, 2008

Guest Starring: Swoosie Kurtz
Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Roger, Betty Smith
Also Appearing: Hayley, Steve, Klaus, Jack Smith, Hercules, Carlos, Franz, Jerry, Adam Sandler
Musical Numbers: What Do You Do When Your Mom's Unhappy

Director: Rodney Clouden

Assistant Director: Chris Robertson
Writers: David Hemingson
Storyboarders: Patrick Kochakji, Paul Lee

Newspaper Headline: Big Headline;Smaller Print To Follow


Just when Francine plans a big dinner to welcome Stan home from a mission, Stan's mother comes after being dumped again. Stan drops everything to be at his mother's side to Francine's annoyance. Drowning her sorrows with Roger, Roger believes it is all in her mind until she sends him downstairs to see Stan bathing with his mother. Francine recounts to Roger how Stan's father ran off and forced Stan to be the man of the house and Betty's failed relationships forced her closer to Stan. Francine and Roger try to convince Stan that he is too close to his mother and become determined to get her into a relationship. Francine sets up her butcher, Hercules who hits it off despite Stan's objections that it's too soon. Roger decides to call of Betty's old boyfriends to find out what made them leave to advise Betty on how not to mess up the relationship but discovers they all mysteriously disappeared. Roger believes that Betty is playing the role of 'black widow' and killing her dates to keep Stan at her side. They try to convince Stan but he dismisses it as Francine's jealousy towards his mother and leaves. Francine and Roger find out that Hercules is out on a date with Betty and rush to Les Pantalons Fancie to warn him. When they observe her following him in the direction of the rest room, Francine rushes in to save him just as he's being pulled out a window. Francine pulls Hercules back into the restroom and climbs out to confront Betty, however, she learns that Stan has been abducting all her dates, believing that they would all break her heart like his father, and putting them on an uncharted island in order to be close to her. Stan recounts how he got rid of all of her previous dates and heads off to get Hercules only to find his mother had taken off with him for Greece. They race to the airport with Francine beating Stan there via freeway. Francine boards the airplane for the flight while Stan chases the plane down the runway and climbs aboard through the landing gear. Francine catches Stan as he attempts to slip past and shows him his mother is happy with Hercules as the flight attendant announces their engagement. Stan tries one last time to kill Hercules but is stopped by his mother who convinces him that he doesn't need to keep staying by her and he needs to focus on his love Francine. While sailing the Mediterranean with Betty and Hercules, they pass the island where Stan dumped all of Betty's previous dates.


Meanwhile, Steve catches Ich, a fish disease from Klaus when he attempts to comfort him when he is lonely. Steve and Klaus are forced to spend time together when no one wants anything to do with them. Stan finds a cure for Ich, but then discovers that Klaus deliberately infected him out of longing for companionship. Steve angrily storms off but Hayley wanders in to receive the same sob story about being lonely. Hayley tries to comfort Klaus and Klaus starts to infect her with Ich as well only to have her wonder if fish can get herpes.

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