American Dad Wikia

How to be a True American Dad Wikian

Welcome to the American Dad Wiki new members page. Here, we'll walk you through the steps of getting involved here. Being a member of American Dad Wiki is entirely voluntary, and you're not required to make any contributions to the site, though it is strongly encouraged.

1. Creating a Username

While you can use this wiki without a username, there are a few benefits to creating your own account on American Dad Wiki.

  • In the event of a misspelling, you can change the titles of pages.
  • You can upload images and other files.
  • You can customize how the wiki looks visually for you.
  • This gives other American Dad Wikians a way to communicate with you.

Creating an account is incredibly easy. You don't even need to have a valid e-mail address. Simply head over to the user signup page, fill out your desired username and password, and you're set. You have your own American Dad account. You are now an official American Dad Wikian.

2. Adding Your Name to the List

Being a member of American Dad Wiki is something to be proud of, which is why we have the Registered Members page. We have no real way to keep track of who our members are, so we ask all new members to add their name to this list, so that we know who's here.

3. Creating your Userpage

You'll notice in the top right corner of your screen, your username appears. This is actually an active link. If you click on it, it'll take you to a page that's dedicated to information about you. Yes, you get your own page on American Dad Wiki. Since this is your own page, you are free to post whatever information you would like about yourself. However, standard wiki restrictions do apply, which means you cannot post copywritten material. We also ask that you attempt to keep your page relatively brief. Your userpage is not primarily for your benefit, but for the benefit of other American Dad Wikians, so they can find out who you are.

You also will note that next to your username is a link titled: my talk. This link is not for you to edit, but rather, for other American Dad Wikians to edit. Basically, other users can edit your talk page in order to leave you messages. Don't be concerned if nothing pops up on it for a while.

4. Being a Good User

In theory, it'd be fantastic to see all our users visiting the site at least once a week. We know, however, that this is not very realistic. You may come and go as you please, but we recommend that you do check out some of the links that exist on our homepage and the sidebar. Feel free to visit Langley Falls for community discussion and updates on the wiki itself. Other than that, you're completely set. Get out there, and start editing. Thanks, and welcome to our community!

5. Editing Guide

A list of the basic ground rules and instructions for editing can be found here: The American Dad! Wiki Editing Guide. in addition, many of the categories and pages have specific criteria for what should be included. We STRONGLY encourage new editors to familiarize themselves with the current formatting found on our pages before editing.