• The song played while Snot, Toshi and Barry dance in the gym in celebration of their "adult" butts is "Walmart" by Mr. Ghetto.
  • Jeff saw Roger without one of his personas in "Widowmaker" during the 1000th Vagina Joke celebration. He also saw Roger without a disguise during dinner in "I Am the Walrus".
  • Jeff had an imaginary friend named Phillip, who was the best man at Jeff and Hayley's wedding. They had a falling-out after an incident outside of Wild Thangz.
  • To go back to his home planet, Roger goes back to his fortress of solitude in a storage facility to find the ship he crashed in. Although in "Weiner of Our Discontent", the storage place was called U-Rent Storage. Now, it is kept in Thrifty Storage.
  • Roger gives the name of his ship as the "S.S. Bonnie Raitt", noting that it is broken down, filthy, and has a cockpit full of mouse turds.
  • This episode contains three cutaways, all involving Jeff Fischer.
  • Before the spaceship takes off, the Road Runner's "Beep, beep" is heard.

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