My Purity Ball and Chain

My Purity Ball and Chain
Stan finds himself having to talk to Steve about sex.

Season: 13 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 245
Prod. no.: CAJN11
First Aired: April 23, 2018

Featuring: Steve Smith, Stan Smith
Also Appearing: Francine, Hayley, Jeff, Klaus, Roger, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Mertz, Principal Lewis, Melissa, Brett, Dirk Turlington, Carl, Kyle, Michael, Shannon, Axl Rose
Director: Chris Bennett

Assistant Director: Ralph Fernan
Writers: Charles Suozzi
Storyboarders: Michael Baylis, Brian Mainolfi

Roger's Disguise: Little Debbie snack cakes mascot[1]

My Purity Ball and Chain

When Francine insists Stan give Steve the sex talk after she learns that the school is only pitching abstinence as well as observing him performing an unnatural act on a broom, he becomes distressed as his own sexual teaching came from being forced to watch his own father service a prostitute in a motel room. At school, Steve is forcibly volunteered by Mertz to participate in the abstinence program, but he gets to meet Shannon, who gives him a flier from their group. When Stan discovers the flier, he believes it to be his ticket out of giving the sex talk, in addition to getting to wear a sword with the other fathers. When Steve and Shannon start getting too close to each other, Stan tries to keep them apart. But when they are discovered holding hands under a fallen banner, the other fathers threaten to kick the pair out unless Steve attends Sex Aversion Therapy Camp.


Steve is so traumatized by the camp that he can no longer even look at girls without becoming nauseous at a purity ball. When Stan realizes what he has done, as well as seeing that the other fathers are really creeps in "dating" their own daughters, he shuts Steve and Shannon alone in a broom closet and fends off the other sword-wielding dads, while giving Steve his own version of a sex talk. He succeeds long enough for the pair to score at the price of becoming severely injured. At the hospital, Steve gets to enjoy a dance of his own with Stan, but as he thanks Stan for making him horny, Francine walks in and realizes that Stan is mostly naked under the hospital robe when she hears this and leaves.


Meanwhile, after reliving a past vacation to a water park, Hayley, Roger, Jeff and Klaus decide to build their own water slide in the backyard. After it is complete, their slide is taken over by a douchebag named Kyle who kills himself when he is launched several blocks away. The four dispose of the body, but find a Turlington detective snooping around. Roger claims Kyle's shorts as his own, but when they try to take down the slide, Turlington notes that Kyle's flight path leads back to their slide. To prove their slide couldn't have caused Kyle's death, Hayley volunteers Roger to test it. Roger manages to slow his descent enough to convince Turlington the slide is safe, but at the cost of a significant portion of flesh.

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