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  • Previously in "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", Hayley and Klaus took off to follow My Morning Jacket on tour for 15 weeks.
  • While tripping to My Morning Jacket, Stan dives off of Mount Rushmore.
  • The translation on Norman's shirt means "Get High".
  • This is Mike Barker's first solo writing effort.
  • The bald security guard with glasses, flashed by Francine, is episode director Chris Bennett. The character would later be named Quackenbush.
  • At the end of the episode, during the credits, the live-action My Morning Jacket can be seen performing "Wordless Chorus". The footage was taken from their concert film Okonokos.
  • The song most prominently featured is "Wordless Chorus" from My Morning Jacket's album, Z. The song that plays during Stan's "acid trip" sequence is "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream (Part 2)" from Evil Urges. The episode also uses the songs "I'm Amazed", "Remnants", & "Highly Suspicious" from Evil Urges, & "Phone Went West" from At Dawn.
  • The license plate of the car Roger is run over with and steals is the production code of the episode 4AJN22.
Things that happen while Stan was listening to the music:
  • Francine fell down the stairs while vacuuming and was choking on the wire that was wrapped around her neck.
  • While Stan was making a sandwich he accidentally put Klaus into the sandwich and ate him but Francine got him back.
  • A robber with a knife came into the house. Steve tries to stop him but gets stabbed.
  • Stan knocks Hayley into the pool while cleaning it and closed it while she was still inside.

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