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Mutumbo the Goat is a gift that Hayley sent to a poor family in Africa in "I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy".

When Roger belittles her for sending stuff to strange people because she cares about them, she vows to find something Roger would care about. She uses the opportunity to purchase the sun around which Roger's home planet orbits and declares herself to be his queen. Roger feigns indifference, but ransacks her room while she sleeps searching for it. Roger decides to blackmail Hayley by flying to Africa to bring the goat to her and threatens to kill it if she doesn't give him the certificate. She agrees, but takes Roger's excessive attempt to recover the goat as a sign that she has found something he cares about. However, that night the family dines on what they believe to be lamb which Roger reveals to her horror, to be Hayley's goat as American Dad! salutes the deceased.