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Mr. Pibb is the founder of the soft drink Mr. PiBB, Stan and Francine's favorite soft drink. While touring at the Mr. PiBB Factory, tour guide Bob reveals that they plan on stopping production of Mr. PiBB in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial". Stan and Francine take it upon themselves to try to save Mr. PiBB and steal the Mr. PiBB Mobile.

When Gordon and the other executives find out, they first try to demand that Stan and Francine cease with their actions but are brought down by Francine who has a purse full of Mr. PiBB cans. They then bring the real Mr. Pibb to the Smiths who reveals they are only stopping production of the original Mr. PiBB to introduce "Mr. Pibb Xtra" to appear to a newer, younger crowd.

Mr. Pibb was voiced by Peter Graves.