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Millionaire Matt Davis is a millionaire that Hayley meets in "The Longest Distance Relationship" when she lands in the hospital due to Stan's attempt to bring her out of a funk on the one-year anniversary of Jeff Fischer abduction.

When she sees two doctors making fun of a janitor and shames them into leaving him alone. The janitor turns out to be Matt, a millionaire who takes on odd challenges to experience life. They hit it off and he invites her to join in some of his adventures. Skydiving into the house, he impresses the family, and brings them a new house. However, Steve and Snot discover Jeff is still alive and able to communicate through a CB radio. As they share messages, she ignores messages from Matt. Reluctant to lose Matt, Stan and Roger try to hook Matt up with one of Roger's personas without luck. Hayley is overjoyed at first, but when prospects for Jeff's return start to look dim, she decides to travel with Matt until Jeff suddenly announces he has found a way home and she agrees to wait for him.

Using a wormhole, Jeff and Sinbad land home 60 years in the future. Stan is an ape who still holds a grudge over Hayley not marrying Matt. She has a heart attack and lands in the hospital where Jeff Meets Matt who is still working as a janitor. Saddened that he ruined her life, Jeff leaves for space again and heads back through the wormhole. On the other side, Jeff talks to young Hayley and tells her not to wait for him, releasing her to better herself. Roger rushes in to tell of running over a black woman with two kids and Matt sees him, as Roger kills him out of fear of having a witness and talks Hayley into taking that trip that Matt had planned.

The groundskeeper at the Langley Basin Sports Complex in "A League of His Own" reuses Matt's design.

Matt is voiced by Pete Holmes.