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Hayley: You had no right coming to that class and sketching me.
Roger: The subject telling the artist what he can and can’t do? That’s like a soup can telling Warhol where to buy speed.

Francine: This couch is upholstered in cheetah and the throw pillows are made from her cubs. We didn’t want to separate them, that’d be cruel.

Hayley: I'm gonna kick your ass!

Hayley: I am a proud and evolved woman and I have nothing to be ashamed of. [Hayley takes off her robe and strikes a pose]
Roger: Nice. [Roger waves at Hayley. Hayley gasps and covers herself] Madam, please uncover yourself. Does anyone have any aeroela pink? I only have one tube.

[Roger takes a drink from his coffee, and spits it out.]
Roger: Oh, oh God! [Roger takes the coffee can and spanks it] You... taste...awful!

Francine: That was bought with dirty money! [Tears up Roger's painting]
Roger: AAH! My Art! You destroyed My drawing of Hayley!
Steve: Hayley?!

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