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Mertz is one of the bullies of Pearl Bailey High School, primarily focusing on Steve and Snot, appearing in many episodes.

In "License to Till", Mertz makes an appearance by showing up at a party, and is shown praising Steve, when he offers to drive members of the party to another party across town.

Steve and Snot are tormented by Mertz and Vince Chung for being virgins in "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure". Mertz and Vince also share a kiss, after they declare Steve and Snot gay.

In "Scents and Sensei-bility", he is distracted from bullying Steve and Snot by Martin, but finds that he is tougher than he appears at first as Mertz ends up being taken away on a stretcher.


He tricks Steve and his friends into coming to one of his parties for the cool kids in "The Unincludeds", there they are egged. When they become prosperous in the future and invent a time machine, he steals one and returns to the past where he plants the idea for them to throw a party while posing as a janitor, which results in them becoming popular and ruining their future.

Mertz is impressed when Steve and his friends become witches in "The Witches of Langley" and volunteers Steve when a virgin is needed in "My Purity Ball and Chain".

In "Mean Francine", it is revealed that he is an orphan adopted by his abusive uncle for monetary purposes and he is beaten regularly by a wrench.

His future self from "The Unincludeds" makes a cameo appearance in one of audiences in "Stompe le Monde".

He can be seen in the audience at Steve's play in "Tapped Out" and sitting next to Greg Corbin at Steve and Snot's funeral in 'A Roger Story".

Mertz is voiced by Judah Miller.