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Meredith Fields is the well-heeled socialite wife of a dentist, notable for her charitable works in "The Dentist's Wife".

When Roger sets out to impress her, he is taken for a waitress, which puts him into a state of shock despite his actually posing as a waitress to begin with. He has Francine drive him to he special persona creation factory to make a new identity for himself, but his ignorance at Meredith's book meeting exposes his cove and he destroys the factory in his shame. Using a poncho as a makeshift disguise to have coffee at Cup O' Joe in public with Francine, he spies a flier for a gala hosted by Meredith and volunteers, his manor suggesting to Meredith that he is mentally deficient. Her words of kindness to be anyone he wants inspires him to want to become Meredith herself, sending her off on a barge and assuming her place, even with her husband.

Francine tries to talk sense into him and is sent off to the same barge as Meredith. They return together with the police and Roger is forced to flee, leaping off of a cliff to escape, which knocks some sense back into him although he regrets giving up on being a “real” person. Francine sets him straight that he is real on his own, warts and all.

She is also listed as a possible owner of the mineral rights under the Smith property in "Mine Struggle".

Meredith is voiced by Patricia Clarkson.