• On Stan and Francine's tombstone it's says that Stan was born in the year 1967 and Francine was born in the year 1971, an age difference of four years but Stan was reportedly only ten months older than Francine in "Bullocks To Stan". Their tombstone reads they both die in 2067.
  • Toshi is supposed to understand English but not speak it, but he repeated "Shot for shot remake of the movie Mannequin" along with Steve, Barry and Snot.
  • Steve and his friends find a mannequin which turns out to be a sex doll from Toshi's parents' bedroom.
  • Steve and his friends set out to remake the 1980s romantic comedy Mannequin, but Roger convinces Steve and his friends to remake The Goonies.
  • Cyber-Stan is destroyed in a manner similar to the T-1000 and the T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • The "Japanese funk" music that Cyber-Stan plays is "Monochrome Effect" by Japanese technopop group Perfume.
  • Roger's director persona "Ira Seagull" is a callback to the seagull Roger befriends in "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", which he names 'Ira'. Roger's persona also claims to be a director on an episode of Cybill, yet no director by the name of Ira Seagull ever directed an episode of the show.
  • Cyborg Stan says Francine dies by being electrocuted for committing a crime.
  • When seen leaving Hershy Park, Stan tells Francine he will never let go of her hand again. He is holding her left hand using his right hand. In the next scene, Stan and Francine are seen in the couple's coffin holding hands but Stan is using his left hand and Francine is using her right hand.

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