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May the Best Stan Win
Stan gets replaced by a cyborg.

Season: 5 Episode: 12
Total Episode Count: 90
Prod. no.: 5AJN04
First Aired: February 14, 2010

Guest Starring: Sandra Oh
Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith
Also Appearing: Klaus, Steve, Roger, Hayley, Barry, Toshi, Snot, Mr. Yoshida, Mrs. Yoshida, Erica, Agustus, Chad Lowe, Jessica, Tracy, Susie, Todd, Joey, Casey, Beth
Musical Numbers: The Goonies 'R' Good Enough, At Hershy Park

Director: Pam Cooke

Assistant Director: Valerie Fletcher
Writers: Murray Miller, Judah Miller
Storyboarders: Rudi Berden, Eric Fredrickson

Roger's Disguise: Hostage from "Frannie 911"

AmDad MayTheBestStanWin 0240F

When Stan blows another romantic opportunity by going to Hershy Park without Francine and stealing her pillow at night, Francine accuses him of being insensitive. Stan promises her breakfast in bed but eats it. in a last-ditch effort to make up, Stan gives Francine “love coupons” for Valentine’s Day but refuses to honor them once he becomes preoccupied with his very own CIA cyborg of himself from the future. His future self tells him that he must train to defeat the machines that will attempt to take over the world, but it is a ruse for cyborg Stan to take Francine out for the day. When Stan discovers the plot, cyborg Stan resets Stan's alarm clock so he'll oversleep and the cyborg can take Francine to Hershy Park himself. Stan finds out and confronts the cyborg, who points out that he completely missed Francine in the thousand years since her death and he is a better man for it. When Stan sees Francine's happiness, he concedes that Francine deserves better but this has the effect of winning Francine back. The cyborg tries one last time to snatch Francine but is defeated by Stan.

AmDad MayTheBestStanWin 0024F

Bored and unable to understand Toshi's video games, Barry decides to play "Hide and go pee" and finds Mr. Yoshida's sex doll named Erica. Mr. Yoshida allows them to take the doll to remake the movie Mannequin to get them out of the house. When Roger overhears, he decides it is more interesting than the goings on between Stan and Francine and disguises himself as a director to take over the production, changing it to the movie The Goonies. Frustrated with Roger's directing and forgetting the treasure map is fake, the boys want to quit but Steve rallies them...until Roger steals the map and Erica again.

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