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  • Some sources list this episode as "Love, AD Style".[1]
  • This episode is supported by Rachael MacFarlane's debut album "Hayley Sings". [2]
  • Roger previously had a crush on Hayley in "The Magnificent Steven", but that turned out to be fake.
  • The Hummie's license plate is A113.
  • The car dealership that Stan and Francine visit is named "Fusfeld Motors" after story editor/writer Matt Fusfeld.
  • Roger says he co-wrote the movie City Slickers with Babaloo Mandel.
  • When Francine tells Stan that Roger shot Hayley, he replies: "So what? She shot me before, I've shot you a couple of times, everybody shoots everybody, it's how we communicate in this family." This is a nod to:
    • "Stannie Get Your Gun": Hayley shoots Stan in the neck, paralyzing him, under the impression that there were blanks in the gun.
    • "Haylias": Hayley shoots Stan when brainwashed; he is saved by doctors.
    • "Hurricane!": Stan shoots Francine at the end.
    • "Season's Beatings": Hayley shoots Stan to protect Nemo.

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