Jeff: So this just one big shopping mall?

Sinbad: The key is to roll when you land, I know what I'm talking about, I did my own stunts in Good Burger.

Shapeshifter: Well, you still have one night before they, you know, make the front of your underwear roomier, and I've never been with a human before.
Jeff: Sorry, I'm not really in the mood.
Shapeshifter: Oh come on, let's give your little friend a going away party, I can be anyone you want.

Toby: Hey, can you turn into a giant pickle, with girly parts?
Shapeshifter: You're drunk, Toby.

Emperor Zing: [seeing Roger with another man] Roger!
Roger: Oh my God! Okay, well, can we please be grownups about this? 'Cause I can't.

Shapeshifter: Thank you. Those boxers were not clean.

Sinbad: Jeff, when you get to Earth, do me this one last solid.
Jeff: Anything, Sinbad.
Sinbad: Clear my Internet browser history.

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