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Lolo Fuentes

Lolo Fuentes is a sexually curious home-schooled girl that attends Steve and his friend's party for the outcasts in "The Unincludeds".

When Steve and Snot achieve popularity because of their party, their future selves from 2040 arrive and tell them that their popularity is about to jeopardize their future prosperity. Most of the guys agree to go along, but Snot disappears. As Steve searches for Snot, he meets Lolo and they make out, assuring Steve of his popularity but altering his future so he no longer has a time machine to rely on.

Steve finds Snot and after several failed attempts to make him popular as well in the hope that it would preserve their friendship, they decide that the real way to reverse their new destiny is to become very unpopular. They try dancing in their underwear to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", and when that fails, they strip naked and dance to PSY, horrifying the party attendees and causing Lolo to note that she is going home to spend the rest of high school with her father.

Lolo is seen at the nightclub Rubber in "Standard Deviation", at the Hollywood party in "Twinanigans" and during "Everyone is Happy in Utopia" in "300".

Lolo is voiced by Naya Rivera.