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Loco Larry's Mexican Restaurant is where Stan and Francine go for a frugal Tuesday night date in "Rubberneckers" to take advantage of 2 tacos for $1 and to fill up a garbage bag of the tortilla chips. But when Francine catches Stan eying the buxom bartender shaking drinks, she gets angry at Stan and gives him the cold shoulder.

Francine, Roger and Hayley stop for drinks after shopping at Walgreens in "Blonde Ambition". While Hayley mopes that a blonde outside of Walgreens was getting attention, Roger and Francine point out that blonds just get more attention. But when a couple of men at the bar send over a drink, Hayley assumes that she is getting attention s well until they loudly protest that the drink is intended for Francine, who thanks them. As Hayley dashes away, they are unconcerned about her.

Francine gets to flex her new celebrity muscles at Loco Larry's in "Anchorfran" when she becomes Greg's new co-anchor on the news. Stan becomes hooked on the food when he discovers that he gets to eat for free, suffering severe intestinal distress in the process although he refuses to quit eating it.