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Stan: Does Terry know? Oh, poor straight Terry!
Greg: Terry's gay, too. He's my boyfriend.

Roger: What is it and how can I replace my blood with it?
Stan: It's a cuervo cosmotinian. Are you crying?
Roger: Tears of joy, Stan. Tears of joy.

Stan: I am a pilgrim in an unholy land!!

Stan: You can't live a gay lifestyle without being gay.
Steve: Of course you can't!
Stan: Which is why I've decided to have sex with a man!

Steve: Dad! This doesn't make me gay, does it, Dad?
Stan: Only if you get a boner, son. Only if you get a boner.

Protestors: 2,4,6,8, Gays are bad, God is straight!

Terry: Don't tell me you voted for he-who-shall-not-be-named!!!

Stan: Your typical homosexual male will be in great shape, well-dressed, wear sandals, holding a brightly-colored drink, and listening to Celine Dion.
Steve: I own sandals!
Stan: Yes, but you can't pull it off.

Stan: You got gay from Lincoln? You guys are really grasping at straws here.

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