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Roger: So, whaddya say, Steve, you want to be cool?
Steve: Oh, I dunno. Would the guys at REI rather be camping right now? Yeah, I want to be cool.

Principal Lewis: Hey? What’s going on here?
Student: This guy hit Reshma.
Principal Lewis: [Hits Steve with coffee pot, he then laughs as he points at Steve] Yeah.

Roger: Guess who, dick? The fish is right, you're too young to drive a car.

Steve: Whaduuup bitches?

Roger: Mmm. Look at that bulge. Best part of waking up is bulgers in your cup.

Roger: Didn't think I had to specify that you should kick a boy's ass.
Steve: Sorry.
Roger: Don't apologize to me, apologize to Reshma. Bitch is hysterical.

Reshma: [to Steve pointing to her breasts] When these come in, they're all yours.

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