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[tires screech and a gunshot is heard. Stan covers his ears]
Stan: Jeff and Hayley are killing me.
Francine: [sleeping] I don't care if you are Sean Connery. That's my jet ski.
[Stan gets out of bed. Jeff and Hayley are watching TV]
Stan: You know what time it is.
Jeff: Shh.
Hayley: Dad, Jeff worked a long day. And now all he wants to do is watch Bones and relax.
Seeley Booth (on TV): Hey, Bones. Look at this bone.
Bones: I know. But did you see this bone?
Seeley Booth: Where'd you find that bone?
Bones: Same place you got your bone. It was just sitting here, next to this bone. Dr. Brennan, bone call. They said it was important. Something about a bone.

Female customer: My elbow feel funny. My elbow feel strange.

Francine: All right, a reverse BM it is. Hey, that came out funny [gasp] Was that a joke, do ya think?

Francine: We can't ride on the bus, we're white!

Jonah: Those pizza bagels are my life. I make those tiny bagels by hand.

Billy: A fake rock?! This world never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

Klaus: I got back in the room in like 6. The sun was definitely up. I seriously can't go to strip clubs when I drink, you guys...[Roger and Steve arrive at Las Vegas with their new car; Klaus responds in slow motion] Come on!! You got to be kidding me!!

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