Lesbian Family.jpg

Lilly, Al, Jason and Mary are part of a lesbian family with whom Stan finds refuge in "Surro-Gate".

When he is horrified that his gay neighbors Terry Bates and Greg Corbin are having a baby, Stan kidnaps the child and runs for Nebraska. Supported by gay bashers and pursued by gay truckers, Stan finds refuge at a farm that turns out to be run by a lesbian couple and their children. Stan decides to kidnap their children as well. When the children act the same as any other children, Stan sees that he was wrong and gives the children back.

Later at a picnic, Terry, Greg, the lesbian family, and Francine enjoy a nice day out, when then see Stan in the distance asking if they will soon drop a recently filed restraining order.

Some members of the family, like Al and Mary, appear at Stan and Francine's wedding vow renewals in "Shallow Vows". Mary also appears with the family that buys Charlotte's house in "Roger Passes the Bar".

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