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Leonard Zane is an actor skilled in slipping on items such as marbles who dies under mysterious circumstances before he could finish his last film, Marble Trouble, leaving behind his wife June Rosewood. He was supposedly later reincarnated as Stan Smith.

In "A Star Is Reborn", June becomes convinced that Stan Smith is Leonard reincarnated after observing him avoid a fall on marbles she placed at the Chinese Theatre on the anniversary of his death, along with several other habits. Stan is unconvinced until he notices that Leonard wears a flag lapel pin just like he does and agrees to convince the original producers of Marble Trouble to use him to finish the film. But when Francine is accepted to play as Gloria Delmar, a starlet who also met her demise, June kidnaps her to keep Stan after the film is finished.

Stan returns to June's mansion to search for her where June's maid Maxine tells him that June is crazy and both she and film producer Herv tell Stan that June had actually killed Leonard and Gloria when they planed to run off together by drowning them in the ocean off of Catalina Island. Stan rushes to catch June before she can do the same to Francine, but falls trap to chloroform that June keeps for just such emergencies. He and Francine both wake up in the water offshore of Catalina Island, where June planned on drowning them just like before. Stan tries to convince June that he really isn't Leonard, but Francine recalls that they really are the reincarnations of Leonard and Gloria, convincing June to try to drown herself with them to be with Leonard until the very end just once. Stan and Francine make their way around June and get into the boat, but when Stan decides to play a prank on June, he accidentally puts the boat in reverse and backs over her, killing her.

Stan tries to brush off their experience, but Francine admits that she is serious, and feels that no matter what happens, though their many past and future lives, they will always be together.

In 1947, Roger and his housemates attended a Leonard Zane double feature in "Fellow Traveler".