Larry, Angie and Pubeface, in addition to Jeff Fischer, are the finders of the four golden blunt wraps in "Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory". Their prize is a tour of Tommie Tokes weed factory.

Pube Face, a recurring character, was the first one to find a golden blunt wrap, although Memphis Stormfront has trouble in believing his name. He chokes to death in a room of edibles when he mistakes an office area for being included and tries to swallow a stapler.

Larry was the second to find a golden blunt wrap but was the last of the participants to die, aside from Jeff. He has his face blasted off when he tries to get closer to a giant speaker. His partner notes it was the way he wanted to go.

Larry is voiced by Joe Chandler.

Angie was the third person to find a golden blunt wrap and the second to die. She has her brain fried when she rushes to try Tommie's brain scanner to find her perfect mix but neglects to allow it to properly recharge.

Angie is voiced by Chelsea Peretti.

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