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Monty Tex

Large Monty and Little Tex are members of the Handicapped Mafia in "Helping Handis". (Although conjoined twin Little Tex says he isn't actually part of the mafia, just a country-western singer.) They pick up Francine after she is rejected for a job at the hospital to save gang member Blind Jimmy by patching him up at Malins Medical Supply.

When Francine finds Blind Jimmy beating a victim at their headquarters at The Ramp strip club, she wants out but she is told there is no getting out. When Deaf Teddy finds Hayley snooping around for Francine, the gang plans to kill them. Francine talks them into robbing the First National Bank. Although reluctant at first, they are egged on by Francine in a plan to save herself and Hayley by setting them up to fail.

Large Monty is voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo and Little Tex by Dee Bradley Baker.