The Langley Falls Roller Rink is the home rink for the Langley Hot Broads female roller derby team when they don't have normal skating. Roger poses as the day manager where he keeps empty boxes for iPods in the claw machine filled with feces and shortchanges the kids when they try to break larger bills. To keep the kids from finding out about the boxes, he has the machine rigged to drop the prize by remote as he encourages them to get more money from their caregiver.

In "LGBSteve" Hayley wants to try out for the Hot Broads, but is told by team captain Iris that she can only join in her "sister" Steve can too after they see that he is a natural skater, honed during Roger's observations by many hours of practice rather than go home. She convinces Steve to go along with the charade. Meanwhile, Roger is forced to contend with a rat problem, at first offering free corndogs, admission to cats and to exterminators before giving up and posting a notice that the rats skate from 2-4.

When Steve finds himself drawn to team member Devin, Hayley tries to break things up by reminding him that he is posing as a girl and doesn't want him to get caught. But when she later tells Hayley about future plans that she and Steve have made to open a restaurant, Hayley tries to muffle Steve again but he calls her bluff. She decides to out Steve as a male, only to find that everyone is already aware of it, leaving both herself and Steve confused about their own sexual identity. Steve concludes that he is really a boy and breaks the news to the team where they accept his decision but make him agree to perform in their last match, helping him continue to pose as a girl by taping up his genitals as a team.

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