The Langley Falls Museum of Art is an art gallery that comes to feature works by Reynolds Jasperterian, a famous artist that the Smith family discover that Francine once posed for in "Portrait of Francine's Genitals" However, they find that the work is of a painting of Francine's vagina and which Stan tries to have taken down.

Working with Roger, he tries a theft plot which fails and decides to go it alone by working as a security officer. Francine briefly considers having the painting removed but decides against it. Stan successfully steals the work, but Roger's endorsement of selling the work, as well as Francine's discovery of the plan convinces Stan that he may have acted too hastily and returns it to the museum where it is admired by the museum patrons.

A pair of Roger's personas catch rides in Hayley's taxi to and from the museum in "Bazooka Steve".

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