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The Langley Falls Cemetery is where Betty Smith's husband Hercules is laid to rest in "American Stepdad". The funeral features John Stamos in his character of Jesse Katsopolis from Full House. After the funeral, Stan and Francine discover that the arrangements exhausted Betty's savings and invite her to come live with them.

Francine is buried here after her assassination by the CIA in "Paranoid Frandroid", with Stan's co-workers believing that the real Francine is actually a new girlfriend for Stan.

Jack Smith is interred here after he is gunned down following a robbery in "Ghost Dad". Concerned about making a good appearance, Francine turns it into a fancy affair.

In "Plot Heavy", Stan sells the prime cemetery plots for the family in order to buy jet skis, only to later find out there were only two plots left in a bad section of the cemetery. Roger also reveals that one of his personas is buried in that section.

Steve builds a 'Frankelewis' from body parts of Principal Lewis' dead relatives dug up from the cemetery in "Steve's Franken Out".