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When Francine and Stan find out that his mother, Betty Smith, has run off to Greece to get married to Francine's butcher, Hercules, in "Oedipal Panties", they race to the Langley Falls Airport. Thanks to making the right decision between surface streets or the freeway, Francine gets to the airport first and boards the flight to Greece while Stan sneaks onto the plane through the landing gear.

Hayley and her co-workers at BICI. fly to Belize for a company retreat through the airport in "My Affair Lady".

Hayley discovers that her mom likes to hang out at an airport bar named O'Rrivals in order to get away from Stan and Jeff's antics in "An Irish Goodbye".

Francine and Roger fly to Patagonia from the airport in "Eight Fires".

Stan goes to the airport to open up credit cards in Steve's name in "Crystal Clear".