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The Langley County Fair is the site of the pie baking competition that Francine enters every year in "Every Which Way But Lose".

When Francine becomes determined to beat her rival, Carlotta Monterrey, who never shows up at the fair, she discovers that Carlotta is actually Hayley in disguise. However, at the fair they both lose to Roger, who had been secretly competing against them for years in his persona of Emmy Lou Sugarbean.

Meanwhile, Steve tries to keep Stan from killing himself at the fair for failing to beat Steve's football team, the Replicants.

After finding out that a hot friend of Hayley's is interested in him, Klaus, Danuta, Hayley and Jurgen go on a double date to the fair in "Shark?!". But when he tries to win Danuta a Munion, he proves pathetic at shooting basketballs, he takes his frustrations out on her and his friends. But when he finally pays off the carnie to just give him the prize, he finds out that Danuta has hooked up with Jurgen in a spinning Gravitron ride. After nearly mistaking Hayley's concern for affection, he tosses the Munion aside where it tangles in the gears of the Gravitron ride, sending it spinning off of its base. Despite this, he finds everyone is apathetic to the situation since it doesn't involve them.