Langley Adoption Agency

When Stan is determined to locate Francine's birth parents when he becomes frustrated with Ma Ma Ling and Bah Bah Ling taking over his house in "Big Trouble in Little Langley", he goes to the Langley Adoption Agency and sets Roger on fire as a decoy while he breaks into the computer system to locate Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson. While trying to retrieve the information, Stan has repeated troubles trying to print the information which even a technician is unable to help him with and ends up just writing it down.

After the wedding of Dr. Kalgary, Francine starts to feel the need to be part of a larger family in "Family Plan", so Hayley suggests looking up her birth parents. Instead, she adopts ten infants from the agency. When Hayley sets her straight, she returns to the orphanage where she finds she is hailed as a hero, but after getting the phone number for her parents, returns the orphans in a shopping cart that she pushes through the front door, as well as Arnell, a man also sitting in a shopping cart.