• The family goes meta when they try to decide if Klaus' plot line will be interesting enough to pursue. Steve decides to leave Klaus' story for what he hopes is an improved role in Stan's.
  • DJ Khaled's "All I Do is Win" plays after Stan misses his free throw and when he signs "Butts McButts" on his 'Lone Wolf' papers.
  • Bullock is a graduate of Wesleyan College, with a Masters in Liberal Arts & Theatre. He also has a "Surveillance Award" on his wall.
  • Although unnamed, the Globetrotters' opponents wear the traditional green and yellow colors of their longtime foils, the Washington Generals.
  • As Stan leaves the Globetrotter's farm, Jack Smith is seen in his human form instead of Krampus.
  • Bullock observes that Stan has no less than seven microchips in his body.
  • Dr. Ray Petit returns from "The Shrink", despite being eaten by ants in that episode. He also mentions the shrink ray and returning from the dead by being cloned as happened to Duper in "Son of Stan".
  • During the magic grenade circle, Stan refers to the player wearing #82 as "Goose." Reece "Goose" Tatum was the only player to use that nickname was assigned #50, and had passed away in 1967.

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