[Francine aims a gun at Hayley and Jeff and pretends to shoot them]
Francine: Should've done that a long time ago.

Hayley: So...that was hotel sex. Still terrible.

Francine: So who do we have to kill?
Stan: Joe, the activities director.
Francine: Aw, but he's got such a sweet smile. I'm gonna shoot him in his face.

Steve: You sound smart like Hugh Grant the movie star, but you're stupid like Hugh Grant the person!

[Steve and Liam reach the nude beach on the island]
Steve: After all I've been through... the promised land! [Liam hands him a pair of binoculars] Oh God, that's my mom! Oh God, that's my dad! I didn't almost die to see them naked!
Liam: [takes the binoculars from Steve] How about that one over there?
Steve: [takes the binoculars back] Aah! That's my sister!
Liam: I'll give this a look.
Steve: Just let me make triple sure that it's her.

Stan: That guy.

[Stan and Francine are relaxing]
Francine: [sighs] This is nice. Just you and me together.
[Stan receives a text message it reads "Did you kill target yet or should I send someone else?"]
Stan: Francine, can I go get you a drink?
Francine: I'm good.
Stan: I'll run and get you some sunblock.
Francine: I'm fine, Stan. All I wanna do is lay here with you.
Stan: I promised my buddy Chuck I'd help him move. Hate to leave you but I'm the one with a pick-up truck.

[After seeing Francine's ""Hoodrat" bling deflect the bullet]
Stan: Thank you once again, hip-hop.

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