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"Jumper" is a song by the American rock band Third Eye Blind, released on their 1997 self-titled album, and written by vocalist Stephan Jenkins. Released as a single, the song peaked at #5.

In "The Scarlett Getter", Francine Smith goes to Roger's Place for a drink and finds Roger trying to sing "Jumper". When she just stands there listening to him sing, he gets annoyed and stops playing.


Roger: I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend

Francine: You wouldn't... (Roger holds up a finger for silence)

Roger: You could cut ties with all the lies, that you've been living in

And if you do not want to see me again, I would understa-

(Roger sings the last note badly and apologizes)

Roger: I'm sorry


Just a second


(Gives up)