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Julie is the wife of CIA agent Craig. Julie becomes concerned when Craig is late returning home from a mission in "Widowmaker" and surprises Francine with stories of Craig's openness with her. Francine pushes Stan to be more open with her until Stan undergoes counseling with Roger and tells Francine that he had to kill Craig for telling Julie too much. When Francine doesn't want to hear any more, Stan starts hanging out with Julie, making Francine jealous.

When Francine confronts Roger to figure out a way to keep Stan from opening up to Julie, they hit on a plan to make Julie see Stan's flaws. By setting them up to meet at the fountain in George C. Scott Park, Francine hopes to capitalize on Stan's fear of water fountains that he had previously confessed to her. But when she arrives at the park, she finds Stan and Julie cavorting in the fountain. Stan points out it was her idea for him to open up but is interrupted with orders to travel to Laos to take care of another CIA leak and rides off with Julie. The next day, Julie brings over some fruit for Stan and Francine's jealousy boils to the surface. when Julie tells Francine it isn't her fault that Stan tells her everything, Francine blurts out that Stan killed Craig. When Julie threatens to go to the police, Francine is fearful for Stan and knocks Julie unconscious and ties her up in the basement.

When Stan calls to say hello, Francine hopes the CIA can be reasoned with so they don't see a need to kill blabbermouths but Stan dismisses that hope. When Francine tells Roger that Julie is tied up in the basement, his first reaction is for Francine to kill her. Francine suggests Roger try to use his psychiatry skills to reason with her where he suggests she kill herself. When Stan arrives, Francine tells him of the goings on and that Roger is in the basement with Julie. Just then, Roger appears and announces that Julie is dead and they rush to the basement to find Julie hanging from a noose. Stan shoots the noose, freeing Julie. Julie claims she wants to die until Stan reveals that Craig is still alive. Stan tells of the elaborate ruse he concocted with Roger to keep Julie occupied while Craig retrieved his belongings to leave her for another woman in Laos. When Francine asks why Craig left Julie, Stan reveals it was her constant nagging to share information. Francine realizes that she nags too but Stan opens up to her a little bit. Still concerned with what to do with Julie, Stan and Francine turn her over to Roger who gets tired of the psychiatry game in mid-session with Julie and rushes off to play fireman.

Julie is voiced by Christen Sussin.